Grupo Candeias Seattle Batizado 2013

The Batizado event this year in Seattle was so great. I was lucky enough to start out by doing workshops and attending the Batizado in DC, where I met a lot of amazing capoeiristas and good friends. As soon as I returned to Seattle our training and workshops began. We trained close to 15 hours last week and that was classes, rehearsals and workshops BEFORE the Batizado.

This year I was very excited to see all the kids from the kids class get their cords. They have worked so hard in class and it was amazing to see how well they held their own at the Batizado. Parabens kids! And of course I was a proud mamma as Jacob got his second belt AND he was lucky enough to have a birthday roda at the kids’ workshop on Friday. Way to go Jacob!

Jacob and his 2nd belt! Jacob's 2nd Belt

There were many, many guest artists and visiting students this year, which made for an incredibly energetic and spirited event. Everyone trained really hard and did a great job at the Batizado. I was very impressed by Mestre Suino and Mestre Xereu who brought their wisdom and insight from Brazil. Even though I have done dozens of workshops over the years, I am always learning and absorbing more. We were so very lucky to have our Mestres here with us to help us grow. And of course, the visiting Mestres and other guests led incredible workshops and provided valuable learning opportunities. Thank you all so very much.

It took a lot of organization to put this event together. We had close to 40 guests and our group came together and worked it out. I know that is what I love about Candeias Seattle- we really are like a family and we work together to make it happen. Of course it wouldn’t at all be possible with out Professor Fenix who keeps pushing us and encouraging us to TRAIN MORE and to absorb as much Capoeira as we can. Instrutor Fabricio and our own graduados (now instrutors!!) are such and inspiration- not only as capoeiristas, but as group leaders. Thanks for showing us the way guys!

And finally, a HUGE parabens to OUR GROUP advancing and getting our cords. Esquillo and I were talking and he thought we didn’t get brutalized as bad this year at the Batizado. I agreed, but then as I thought about it I actually think we just improved. BIG PROPS to everyone who got cords, especially our new Graduado Cegueta and Instrutors Cobrinha and Cachorrão. I am so proud to be a part of such an inspirational group.

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Capoeira Males Deixa Menina Jogar 2013

Had an inspiring four days of Workshops and fun at the kids’ Batizado event. Training and learning from these amazing ladies of Capoeira inspired me to think about my future in the art form.

Of course my first goal is to stay healthy in order to train as much as I can. With our upcoming event in D.C. and here in Seattle, I am being very careful to get enough rest time.

The event also has me thinking of long-term goals as a Capoeirista. Starting with training hard, showing up, helping out when I can and teaching the kids; next moving towards fluency in Portuguese and more strength in my instrument playing and singing. I am also interested in obtaining my Level 1 Crossfit certification and to continue my USAGYM gymnastics coach training/certification.

I may be someone who wears many hats (mom, wife, friend, Graphic Designer, Capoeirista, Gymnastics Coach), but my future lies in the harmony and unity of these aspects of my whole.

Bambas 2013!

Bambas 2013!

Save the Date!

Capoeira Candeias Seattle
Batizado and Traca de Cordas
May 2nd – 5th, 2013

With Special Guests
Mestre Suino, Mestre Xereu, Mestre Demetrius (USA), Mestre Curisco,
Mestre Ticotico, Mestre Armandinho, Mestre Dilaho, Mestre Roque, CMestre Javali, Mestrando Jamaika, Mestrando Fabio90, CMestre Ninja, CMestre Coquinho,
CMestra Tigresa, CMestre Mariano, CMestre Metido, Professora Guerreira,
Professor Jaba, Professor Papito, Instrutor Fabricio, Professor Manranhao,
Instrutor Canchan, Instrutor Coco, Instrutor Morto, Instructor Mala, and
more to confirm!